There are some important documents you need to prepare in advance. You’ll need to upload these to your online application form.

  1. Create your CV – you can use this template if you like.
  2. Talk to your school about your eligibility for the scholarship. If you all agree, your school will provide you with a letter of support. Your application will not be considered without this letter.
  3. Get a copy of your academic transcript from senior school.
  4. Prepare answers to these four questions, and have them available to copy and paste into the online application form (maximum 1000 words each):
    • what are your key achievements to date?
    • what has been your greatest challenge?
    • what career goals do you have?
    • why do you think you deserve to win a PwC Scholarship?
  5. Once you have these documents and answers ready, click here to apply (from 12 June 2018).
  6. Once you’ve completed your application, click ‘submit’ and your application will be complete. You’ll get an automatic email to let you know your application has been successfully submitted.

Here are some important dates to keep in mind. Make sure you apply early!